Effective,responsive and affordible service is of paramount inportance in our practice. Telephone calls and Email requests are answered promptly and correspondence is dealt with as a matter of priority and we strive to attend within one hour to calls or correspondence. We recognise that time is the most important thing both for clients and us. We keep every record of our clients with the atmost confidentaility and strive to keep clients records as secure as possible. We strive to deliver professional services of the highest International Standards and have adapted the International Standard of Quality Contol (ISQCT) for all our appointments.

During the past years the skills base of the firm has grown and the economic areas in which work was performed are as follows:

Building and Civil Construction
Feasibility studies

Corporate financing
Paralegal Consulting
Audit, accounting and income tax
Project evaluation
Due diligence
Formation of Joint Ventures between established contractors and BEE’s

Social Services, NGO’s, Education and Training                                       Automotive and Transport Industry

Audit and accounting                                                                                        Auditing, accounting and taxation
Forensic Auditing                                                                                              Cost Analysis
Internal Auditing                                                                                                Financial Consulting
Mining Engineering, Fishing, Agriculture and Mariculture                        Manufacturing
Feasibility studies                                                                                            Feasibility studies
Cost Analysis                                                                                                   Corporate financing
Corporate financing                                                                                         Cost analysis
Paralegal Consulting                                                                                       Paralegal consulting
Audit, accounting and income tax                                                                   Audit, account and income tax
Project evaluation                                                                                           Project evaluation
Due diligence                                                                                                  Due diligence
Valuations                                                                                                       Valuations
Quota Applications and Appeals                                                                     Corporate governance training
Corporate Governance Training                                                                     Forensic investigations for the Bereau                                                                                                                          of Economic Investigations

Financial Services, IT Industry, Deceased Estates and Intervivos Trusts
Audit and accounting

Property, Real Estate Agencies,Legal and Medical Professions                                                             

Auditing and Accounting                                                                                  
Cost Analysis                                                                                                   
Financial Consulting

Company and Close Corporation Secretarial Services